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Divinely Guided - In person and online

 6-430 Hazeldean rd, Kanata

Located inside Head Office Ottawa


Struggling to lose weight? Gain energy? Increase mobility? Decrease stress? Release body aches and pains? Maintain motivation? 
How about eating habits? Do you have a healthy or unhealthy relationship with food? Are you curious about learning what sustainable, holistic nutrition would look like for your body to ensure its optimal performance? 
What about your mindset? Is it a growth mindset or fixed? How are your thoughts impacting your life and what negative habits or limiting beliefs may be holding you back from your highest self/full potential?
These are the areas of opportunity that clients at divine come to combat!


Owner & Head Coach - Chelsea Smith

My approach to health and fitness is always to personalize each program to each individual. What do YOU need? 
With over a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry, I have attained a designation as a registered holistic nutritionist, countless certifications in fat loss, mobility, mindset, pre/post natal fitness but most importantly I have seen what works & what does not. What I know for certain.. it is NOT one size fits all. I have devoted my entire career to educating myself on each pillar of health, wellness & fitness; to acquire the necessary tools to navigate you through what that specific sustainable game plan should look like.
Fitness & nutrition are the building blocks to health but the foundation lies in your mind. We will work together on every pillar including the psyche to not only change your body but change your life.
Results are inevitable when we apply action, commitment & consistency to this principle.


First some background: I am a 60-ish man who has kept in reasonably good shape through running, cycling and other activities over the years, despite spending the last 40 years working sitting at a desk or lab bench. Last year I decided it was time to finally fulfill a long standing plan to ride a motorcycle across the USA to San Francisco. I hadn’t ridden a motorcycle for 15 years though, and when I went to try some bikes out, found that I couldn’t actually sit on any; my legs wouldn’t bend around the gas tank and my hips didn’t flex enough for me to reach the seat. I decided to try to repair myself, rather than give up on the idea, and hired Chelsea. It turns out we had a lot of work to do. From the beginning Chelsea was very good at explaining what we were doing and why; the first few months she spent patiently waking up muscles that hadn't been used for many years. Her sense of humor combined with a very positive and professional approach made a great experience, despite the embarrassment of simply not being able to do some very basic exercises at first.
By the 6 month mark I was able to test drive a few bikes, and by month 8 I was making weekend trips of several hours without any discomfort on my new Kawasaki. I am sure I would not have been able to get to this point without Chelsea’s expert help and encouragement.
We are now working on building strength, & I have noticed that Chelsea is very good at giving me exercises that stress my muscles without pushing them too far. She's also very attentive in sessions, and pounces on any small change in posture or action that will make an exercise less effective. As a result I am starting to notice already that activities that previously  felt to awkward (like lugging our vacuum cleaner upstairs) are much easier now.
Thank you Chelsea for all the work and attention, and for making my first PT experience a lot of fun, as well as giving me the results I was looking for.

Mike Roper

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