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Strength in the Body & Mind. Divinely Guided.

My passion for health and fitness started at the young age of 14, when I found the sport of wrestling in high school. Having to compete in a specific weight class forced me to learn how to train outside of school & in the gym. The gym was a new stomping ground for me, and I know what it feels like to be intimidated by fitness & can empathize with clients who are just beginning. We all started somewhere!

Fast forward to high-school graduation & I was immersed in mixed martial arts, training like it was the air I breathed. I attained my personal training certification & was hired at a box gym to which I worked at while attending school to complete my diploma in holistic nutrition. Upon my completion I opened a successful nutrition consulting business and worked with countless clients to combat their health concerns whilst still training clients at the gym in their fitness. In 2018 I was offered a job with Canfitpro to facilitate they're healthy eating and weight loss course. It's acted as a great way for me to keep up with the world of nutrition and its evolution. I would then move on to continue this path for a total of seven years. Throughout my career, I attained countless additional certifications in fat loss, mobility, strength training, program design, life coaching, CBT therapy and more. I am proud to say that every client I have worked with to-date has seen amazing results. Through my years in the industry the principles I concluded that were necessary in my clients success's was the conjunction of both Fitness, nutrition & the mind. Spirituality when perceived through how we perceive ourselves plays a crucial role ultimately in our success. With a global pandemic that would soon shake the industry; I found clients more than ever, needed this mindset coaching, with the convenience of virtual training. 

Within my career before divine was a realization and awareness of my current path at my box gym and nutrition having no grounds to grow & share this knowledge as a whole, and so... I rooted elsewhere. Alas, these roots blossomed into the birth of Divine Health and fitness.

"We must not eliminate one pillar of health in the journey to success, if we desire to hold all the tools to thrive"  

I genuinely can not wait to meet you & Divinely Guide you through your personal health & fitness journey! Life-changing moments are made here. 

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