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I came to Chelsea at 6 weeks post-partum having just had my second baby in 4 years. I was 40 pounds overweight, sluggish, and struggling with my confidence and body image after a lifetime as an elite athlete and cyclist.Chelsea was a breathe of fresh air as she eased me into a sustainable routine to build my stabilizers and pelvic floor. She kept me from pushing too hard or too fast, kept my workouts challenging and interesting, and I was soon able to move easier and keep up with my busy babies. anyone!
Chelsea kept me accountable and provided diet coaching and a fun workout regime with a great sense of humour that made the time fly by and built my strength week-to- week.Fast-forward to the end of our 12 months together and I have all my strength, endurance, and confidence back from pre-kids as well as the definition in my abs, arms, and legs that I really wanted. I'm 40 pounds lighter, happier, and confident. My clothing all fits again and I can do all the activities that I used to love. I'm excited to return to competitive sports and continue enjoying this much better quality of life.I couldn't have done it without Chelsea and I'd recommend her to anyone!

Barbara anne-rivers - @Damedelaterre


Chelsea not only gave me the motivation to start my fitness journey but also helped me stay on track after my program, almost 3 years down the road! It's now a lifestyle for me. I would recommend Chelsea to anyone!

Sherry Bhan


My journey started in May 2021. I was 229lbs, very over weight ( I'm only 5'9" ) I had almost zero mobility in my hips, right shoulder, a 2.5CM gap diastasis recti, a swollen fatty liver, bad spleen size, bad pancreas size, just overall unhealthy. I ate out 3-4 times a week if not more. I was constantly in pain when sitting, or having to move excessively. I was not happy with the way I looked or felt. Especially after a year of lockdowns etc it was really getting to me. After being referred to Chelsea by a group I am part of, We had a 45 min zoom call to discuss my needs/wants/goals etc. On May 5th we started. DAMN was it hard. As the weeks went by, Chelsea constantly adjusted my program to fit my current abilities. We also made immediate but manageable nutrition/dietary adjustments. Here are the results. Weight 221 Lbs Shoulders gained 2.5 inches ( mainly posture driven ) Rest of body down 24.5 inches total Shoulder mobility 100% from all angles Hip mobility 100% from all angles I no longer have shoulder pain, my back is stronger than ever, I can bike 30KM with no pain or issues. No more cramps in my sides or legs simply by moving. My recent ultra sound showed the following Liver Down 1cm in size Spleen down 1.3 cm in size Pancreas back to normal My diastasis recti gap is almost closed. When I started, I couldn't do 3 pushups from my knees ( if I was lucky) , now I can do 20 like nothing. Anyone considering personal training/nutrition NEEDS to get a hold of Chelsea. You wont regret it. I am grateful to the person that introduced me to Chelsea and to Chelsea herself for showing up, pushing me, and actually caring. You aren't just a "Paycheck" to her.

Joshua B

"You made me feel strong and in control and determined and brave. You gave me space to be down but kept an open & safe door for when I got back up.

For some people, working out is just an exercise, but with my weight & body image journey it was way more. You helped me get here. Thank you for everything."



First some background: I am a 60-ish man who has kept in reasonably good shape through running, cycling and other activities over the years, despite spending the last 40 years working sitting at a desk or lab bench. Last year I decided it was time to finally fulfill a long standing plan to ride a motorcycle across the USA to San Francisco. I hadn’t ridden a motorcycle for 15 years though, and when I went to try some bikes out, found that I couldn’t actually sit on any; my legs wouldn’t bend around the gas tank and my hips didn’t flex enough for me to reach the seat. I decided to try to repair myself, rather than give up on the idea, and hired Chelsea. It turns out we had a lot of work to do. From the beginning Chelsea was very good at explaining what we were doing and why; the first few months she spent patiently waking up muscles that hadn't been used for many years. Her sense of humor combined with a very positive and professional approach made a great experience, despite the embarrassment of simply not being able to do some very basic exercises at first.
By the 6 month mark I was able to test drive a few bikes, and by month 8 I was making weekend trips of several hours without any discomfort on my new Kawasaki. I am sure I would not have been able to get to this point without Chelsea’s expert help and encouragement.
We are now working on building strength, & I have noticed that Chelsea is very good at giving me exercises that stress my muscles without pushing them too far. She's also very attentive in sessions, and pounces on any small change in posture or action that will make an exercise less effective. As a result I am starting to notice already that activities that previously felt to awkward (like lugging our vacuum cleaner upstairs) are much easier now.
Thank you Chelsea for all the work and attention, and for making my first PT experience a lot of fun, as well as giving me the results I was looking for.

Sincerly, mike


I have had poor posture ever since I could remember, and it was really beginning to cause me worry when I reached my 30's. I had no idea until I met Chelsea that this was all something that could be fixed through proper coaching and reactivation of muscle. Not only do I now have amazing posture, I am healthier, and knowledgeable about my body, and overall fitness. THANK you Chelsea for everything. You are truly fantastic at what you do! I will have this experience forever!

Skyler Adelson

Mature Businessman

Last June, I was seeking a few sessions to retune on some exercises & I found Chelsea to be very competent so I signed with her for 6 months. I recently signed her on for another year. 
I have had 4 trainers over the years and she is hands down the most effective especially for my needs. I suffer from a few mobility issues at present and chronic back pain. During the flare up of back pain, we went ahead with our sessions and she used some therapeutic techniques applying resistance movements that were very effective.
Also, she has modified my current program very well to accommodate my current injury and assisting in my recovery. 
Clearly, I am very pleased with her as a trainer and will definitely recommend her to anyone alike!

Scott H.

And many, many more!









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